Real Websites for Real Folks

Achieving a Fulfilling Website

Your website should be straightforward and practical, attractive and easy to navigate, something that you can readily manage. It should also have a little bit of an edge which tells the world that what you have to offer is unique.

You should feel proud and happy with your website—with the knowledge that it not only looks great but that it works for you and it’s not a headache to manage. Your website has a persona and should feel like a business partner or co-worker who has your best interests in mind. This is why I believe in human-scale websites.

In essence, a website needs to do its job. Whether it is a single page brochure, an online store, a blog,or a personal portfolio, a website needs to function flawlessly and look good while doing it.

These are the fundamental ideas that I bring to the table when I begin development on a new website. My plainspoken approach to the whole web design process is why I say that I build real websites for real folks.

An Individual Website

A website should be your personal space where you get to show the world who you are and what you can do. I enjoy working with people who need a web presence that reflects their personal philosophies, talents and ambitions.

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A Business Website

A website is essential to your business. Over the years, I have helped a wide variety of businesses and non-profits build new websites and overhaul old ones. I work from the premise that a website is a reflection of how you do business.
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About Frank Turek and f.turek design

“It’s satisfying for me to see a finished website arise from a collaboration with my client, knowing I have successfully implemented their website needs.”

webdesigner and artist, Frank Turek

Hi — I’m Frank Turek and I make websites. I am also a visual artist, a philosopher, and a musician. I enjoy doing web design because I find that the work makes good use of all of these avocations of mine. As an artist I have a keen sense of the design elements, structure, colors, and typography needed to achieve an aesthetically compelling website. Read more